HOTEL SAN JUAN, renovated in 2015, offers fully equipped rooms, Cafe, restaurant, Wi-fi throughout the building and a pleasant and familiar atmosphere.

Provincial Tourism

San Juan Hotel boasts an unbeatable location in the heart of the province of Ciudad Real, in Miguelturra, population to just 3 KMS. Real City capital and the AVE train station.

We are the point of departure of your tour or work.

We are located in the Centre of the village: no need to walk more than 2 minutes walk to reach the Centre of the town and enjoy all kinds of services.

  • Miguelturra


    The municipality of Miguelturra is located just 3 Km. of Real Capital City, approaching the population your church of Christ can be seen with its circular shape, Miguelturra wears the mask Street as a sign of identity of carnivals. A traditional costume with a cloth in the face, and old nightshirts, It is still visible on the streets, and that was maintained for centuries by the neighbours, making it reach our days. Regional tourist interest. YOU SHOULD NOT MISS IT!! Date of celebration: Variable date. From the Saturday before Ash Wednesday until the following Sunday.
  • Ciudad Real

    Ciudad Real

    It is an area that is famous for its castles and beautiful monuments such as Villanueva de los Infantes and Almagro. This town is especially known for its 17TH-century Corral de Comedias, where organised is every year the International Festival of classical theatre. The windmills are another one of the emblems of Ciudad Real, Since the province is the scene of the adventures of the famous knight Don Quixote of La Mancha in the novel by Miguel de Cervantes.
  • Almagro


    Almagro, in the Campo de Calatrava, in the very centre of the province, It has a strategic position in its physical and cultural environment. The city of the theater of poultry, It houses the only Corral of comedies that has remained intact and active since the beginning of the 17TH century to the present day, and that is, in good part, the emblem of the city. It maintains all of its parts: zaguán, alojeria, patio, Casserole, galleries and stages, as well as an intense activity that helps grow the city, especially during the International Festival of classical theatre.
  • Tablas de Daimiel

    Tablas de Daimiel

    Water, water, water everywhere. In last place in the world where we can see an ecosystem of river tables, where the brackish waters of the river Cigüela, and the sweets of the Guadiana, they are held in a plain without earrings. The perfect wetland, It allows us to live with the animals and plants that grow linked to the liquid element, and enjoy as they.
  • Ruidera


    The Parque Natural de las Lagunas de Ruidera is, together with Plividje in Croatia, the best representations of lakes formed by the accumulation of calcium carbonate (Vo to), The water falls over the field of Montiel seep into the aquifer 24 having its natural overflow in this area, giving rise to the birth of the high Guadiana river Pinilla. These waters, extraordinarily rich in carbonates, over thousands of years of precipitation, they have formed impressive barriers (natural dams), It give rise to spectacular waterfalls between a lagoon and the other.
  • Cabañeros National Park

    Cabañeros National Park

    Cabañeros is much more than a National Park: It is a unique place in the world. Because here the great Mediterranean forest of Europe survives intact, where the visitor still can be seen surrounded by the threatened Iberian fauna, and see fossils of more of 500 millions of years old. Its exceptional conservation allows visitors to enjoy the great Iberian nature reserve.